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Any topic or style is acceptable. Even though this anthology will be called Matter, all that

is expected is that your poetry reflects emotions and thoughts coming from the depths of

you. You need not write about a particular word. We just want you to know that your

talent with words can matter to others. The winners will be announced on November 20,


Oprelle Publications enjoys finding "diamonds in the rough". O.P. wants to recognize

hidden talent by giving unknown writers a chance to be published. Matter is our current

book project. Shakespeare's Queen Gertrude once requested "more matter with less


Meaning, give me something of substance.

Submit 3-40 lines in any style, on any topic • Entry fee $15.

1st Prize –

$300 and Prime Anthology Placement (Back

cover of Book) - Free copy of Matter. A

featured position for a minimum of one

week on Oprelle Publication's Website.

2nd Prize –

$200 and Prime Anthology Placement (First

Page) - Free copy of Matter.

3rd Prize –

$100 and Prime Anthology Placement (Last Page) - Free copy of Matter.

Finalists (Up to 150) will receive publication in the Matter anthology. Finally, really great

writers can be published in something of substance! All finalists will receive a free digital

copy of Matter.




The contest is open to anyone age fourteen and up who writes poetry. Entries may be published

or unpublished work.


1. Your information must be able to be verified.

2. Your poem can be written in any poetic style...even unrhymed free verse!

3. All material submitted must be original in its entirety.

(Your work may be checked for plagiarism, so do not copy another’s words.)

4. You may enter as many poems/times as you like. Just keep in mind that each separate

entry costs 15.00 (Very worth a great chance to be published. – We will be choosing up

to 80 entries for our second annual “Matter” Anthology.)

5. Your poem must be written in English.

6. Contest entries must be at least 3 lines, but no longer than 40 lines. Your poem

title does not count as a line.

7. Your entry should preferably be typed and submitted using Submittable - as a word


8. We will get back to you in an average in 30- 60 days, but ONLY if you make it through

round two of judging, becoming a “to be published “finalist.

9. We cannot respond to every entry, so please do not inquire.

10. Poems, on occasion, are sent by mail. Please understand that these poems will not be


11. Parents may submit on behalf of their age 14-17 child.


Contest entries are judged by a highly educated panel of experts. Here are some of their


 Award-winning writer with a BA in English

 First-place overall winner in short fiction, playwriting, and poetry in the IUP 2020

undergraduate creative writing contest.

 Published poet and songwriter from Pennsylvania Literary Society’s magazine

 PHD in Instructional Management and Leadership

 Master of Arts in Teaching

 Secondary Education/English Teacher

 Founder of the Fayette County Creative Coalition

 Outstanding Poetry Editor for work with literary magazine, Lexicon

 Carroll Creative Writing Scholarship winner (awarded for a collection of poetry)

 Arlene Severin Memorial English Award

 Westmorland County Arts Honorable Mention for Fiction

 Scholastic Honorable Mention for Poetry

 O’Donnell Research Grant (to expand on a collection of poems)

 Juris Doctor Candidate at Duquesne University School of Law

 Plus, several academically-minded teenagers to keep us grounded!


Contestants who reach the finalist stage of the contest will be featured in the “Matter” Anthology.

No purchase is required to be included in this anthology. There will be no royalties paid to

contributors of anthologies. This Anthology will be available for purchase through

Amazon.com….and possibly other bookstores worldwide. By submitting a poem to our

contest… you accept that, if selected, your poem may appear online and in print by Oprelle

Publications LLC. We reserve the right to not publish a poem for any reason.


“Matter” Anthology will be copyrighted as a compilation. All individual poetry remains the

property of the author.


In 2020, Matter was an original contest from Oprelle Publications.  It was so very popular, and produced such a high quality anthology, that we have decided to make the Matter Contest and Anthology an annual tradition.  This year's contest will differentiate itself using the year in the name.  This year's anthology will be entitled  

                                    2021 Matter: Award Winning Poetry

Wishing You the Best of Luck!   Team Oprelle

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.